starter howto @ Evil|Insta+RJ
About this howto
City Configs
  • While connected to -Evil|Insta+RJ@openmafia- you can simply exec these config files:
  • /exec city/city.cfg
  • /exec city/city_low.cfg (city.cfg with lower cl_maxpackets if you lag with city.cfg)
  • /exec city/normal.cfg (restore default OA settings)
  • while executed, the config files create a backup of your current settings
  • every script outputs the changes made and how to restore your current settings
  • Important: you don't need the configuration steps below on this page if you use a city config!
Misc settings
Tweak your network settings
  • /snaps 40
  • /rate 25000
  • /cl_maxpackets 125 (try 63 with bad connection)
  • /cg_delag 1
Tweak your render and grafics settings
  • /com_maxfps 125
  • /cl_forceModel 1
  • /cg_noProjectileTrail 1
  • /cg_fov 120 (Field of View)
  • /cg_railtrailtime 10000 (try values from 1000 to 20000)
  • /cg_drawfps 1 (current FPS upper right)
  • /cg_speed 1 (speedometer upper right)
  • /cg_drawtimer 1 (Ingametimer upper right)
  • /fs_homepath (shows you the path to your config and autodownloaded files) OA Wiki external link
Callvotes and Maprating
  • Callvotes are easy accessible in OpenArena, Press ingame ESC for Menu and then navigate to ⇒ Call Vote
  • default keys for callvotes are F1 for vote yes and F2 for vote no
  • maprating (server specific) is possible with writing !likemap or !dislikemap into the console or in the messagemode with pressing t ingame
  • At -Evil|Insta+RJ@openmafia- you can change the skill-level and quantity of Bots, change the Weapon mode for the current map or access other specials with CustomVotes